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Henlo! It's been a very long time but here is some updates, I probably forgot a lot of stuff though.

Camera Controls

The camera can be rotated 360 degrees now.

Controls will rotate to match the camera rotation (W will always move up the screen for example).

There may be holes in scenery and at the backs of some buildings though. I'll fix this when I remake the buildings.


Entirely remade combat. It should be faster and snappier now.

All weapons are sheathed and unsheathed now. Press Q to sheathe/unsheathe an equipped weapon.

All weapons have new animations that are both faster and should blend together better.

There is also unique idle, walk, run and evade animations for different weapon types.

Rebalanced many attacks for many weapon types, several have entirely new attacks.

Enemies however are kind of dumb right now. They're too slow and not aggressive enough to keep up with the combat so they game is fairly easy right now.


Remade how alchemy works.

It only needs a single ingredient now, while extras strengthen the created item.

The starting tutorial explains exactly how it works, but it is essentially fill up 4 different meters with each having a different effect on the created item.

If attempting to craft with a full inventory, created items will automatically be sent to storage instead.


Remade the UI graphics.

All UI windows are larger now and text much easier to read.

Also redesigned several UI windows, most noticeably the friendship window now gives much more information about each NPC as you befriend them.


Added crafted items to the codex. These are easy to unlock but give information on the item, it's effects and how it can be crafted.


Added a post box outside of the players home. They will periodically receive mail off of NPCs in the town.


Added more routines, dialog and cut scenes for a few NPCs.

NPCs that visit the beach south of town will wear beach clothing.

Small Stuff

Changed the lighting in some areas, insides in particular are brighter now.

Materials can be harvested by attacking them as well as pressing E while facing them.

When doing a request, if the item requested is in the codex, it will be shown, if not a silhouette of it will instead be shown.

Obviously fixed lots of small bugs and tweaked a lot of small balancing things.

There is probably more but I've been busy and it's been so long I can't fully remember all the changes I have made.


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