I can't remember all the changes since the last demoday, but here are the ones I do remember!


Added a new beach area south of the village. NPCs will (probably) visit this area during summer.

Also added a shortcut between this beach and Perino beach.

Remade the layout of Stoam Caves. It's more compact now, has new interesting areas and should be more fun to explore.

Added new ingredients to a bunch of areas. Many are seasonal and only appear during certain times of the year.


Improved the codex for ingredients, it now shows how strong ingredient effects are and where to find ingredients.

Unlocking more advanced info about ingredients takes more effort now but crafting with an ingredient also provides knowledge about it.

The UI has a progress bar with markers to show how much knowledge about a specific ingredient or enemy has been unlocked.


Added a fishing minigame. You can get a fishing rod for now by visiting the hut on the new beach.

Added fishing spots to the village, beach, Perino Beach, Gaileed Plains, Stoam Cave and Sodden Swamp. Every area has a bunch of different fish with a variety of effects to catch.


Added wallpaper and flooring items to change the appearance of your homes walls and floors.

Bernadette sells a variety of wallpaper and floors.

Also updated the list of items Bernadette sells. A small, random selection is picked every week now. Befriending Bernadette increases the amount sold.


Failing to craft an item now grants a weaker, cheaper, failed version of the item rather than being an outright failure. (If the item combination cannot craft anything it will still result in total failure).

Messed around with the final quality of crafted items. Using 3 or more ingredients will result in higher quality crafted items.


Wayland is more or less finished for now. It's possible to get his friendship maxed out, he has a bunch of new dialog and cutscenes.

Added Erlend. At the moment he only appears to give you a fishing rod then vanishes.

Slightly changed Bernadettes routine. She visits the beach during summer.


Reworked and updated a bunch of older graphics to look better.

Slightly messed around with post processing effects. The game should look better inside now, I think. I don't know I'm just winging it most of the time.

Redrew a bunch of item icons.

Redrew all attacks for weapons. They're bigger and easier to see now.

Naturally there is also a ton of bug fixes and minor balancing changes that occurred as well.


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May 06, 2022
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May 06, 2022

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