Demoday 9000

It's been forever since I made one of this, so some stuff might be missing, but here is the list of what I can remember.

Perino Beach

Improved the layout and moved around a bunch of stuff.

Moved around a lot of resource spawn points.

Reworked the visuals of a bunch of enemies, improved some AIs and rebalanced all enemies to be slightly weaker.

Other Areas

Made minor changes to several areas but nothing significant.

Added a new harvestable resource to Lormier Cliffs and Friss Valley.

Improved the visuals for all grass.

Most areas should load slightly faster, especially the garden.

Slightly adjusted morning lighting visuals too.


Made changes to many crafting materials. Some have different effects and strengths, generally more powerful/valuable items require exploring more dangerous areas to craft now.

All craftable items (but not equipment) is now fully implemented.

A lot of usable items have new particle and sound effects.

Item storage was increased to 50 per page instead of 40.

Added a new weapon type - Boomerang. It is a medium ranged weapon that can hit multiple times.

Weapons can critical hit now. Every weapon type has a critical hit chance and critical hit damage. 

Updated UIs to better show a piece of equipments primary stats including critical hit chance/damage for weapons.

Removed all alcohol from the game and replaced it with various other drinks. The effects are still the same minus being able to pass out drunk.


Rebalanced many enemies and adjusted drop rates so some items are more common.

Added minibosses. Some enemies can spawn as a rare miniboss type. These are much tougher but drop more items including some unique to minibosses.

Went over many enemy attacks to make them more deadly. Status effects in particular are more dangerous now.

Slightly improved enemy pathfinding.


Have been slowly going over NPCs and finalizing them.

Bernadette has much a lot of new dialog, many randomly spoken lines and many cutscenes. It is possible to max out her friendship.

Wayland also has a lot of new dialog, randomly spoken lines and more cutscenes. It's not possible to max out his friendship yet because I was lazy.

Added many new animations for NPCs. Mostly for Bernadette and Wayland right now.

Slightly improved the looks of a few NPCs.


Added better weapon trails.

Improved many particle effects for weapons and status effects.

Other Changes

Changed how interacting with things work. Should be easier to water the correct plant now.

Changed the visuals of highlighted harvestable materials.

Other than bug fixes and changes so small I cannot remember, I think that is everything!


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Jan 07, 2022
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Jan 07, 2022

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